online payment

Adventurous Chinese travelers who eschew tour groups can now go global but pay local, thanks to a tie up between Airbnb and Alipay.

Alipay said it will create a special research and investment fund aimed at strengthening online payment security, with a particular emphasis on the fast-growing mobile payments market.

Alibaba news illustration of cloud

Alibaba Group's cloud computing unit has signed an agreement with a district in the Chinese island of Hainan to create a pilot digital city.

Octopus illustration, Alibaba news

Hong Kong consumers can now use their Octopus cards and NFC-enabled smartphones to pay for their Taobao Marketplace purchases.

Chinese consumers in the country's underdeveloped cities are fast becoming adept online shoppers, according to Alipay's Annual 2013 China Spending report.

Alipay and Weibo have teamed up to offer an online payment product, Weibo Payment, for social butterflies who like to shop.

mobile wallet

China's largest e-payments provider has launched the Alipay Wallet, joining the ranks of companies around the world rolling out solutions to allow consumers to purchase goods and services in shops using their smartphones.

Alipay is among a number of Chinese companies that have been granted a license to operate a payments business by the People’s Bank of China, according to an announcement made public today by the PB