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China's dominant e-commerce company isn't planning to compete with Amazon and eBay in the U.S., says Alibaba's executive chairman. Instead, the company aims to help U.S. small businesses sell to China's rising middle class through Alibaba's online marketplaces.

Brands looking for a reliable way to enter new markets are now choosing e-commerce platforms as a quick way to tap vast consumer bases, said a new report by Forrester Research.

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Asia is the world's biggest online retail market and Alibaba Group is the No. 1 e-commerce company in Asia, according to Internet Retailer magazine.

Want to get a glimpse of Alibaba Group and founder Jack Ma's earlier days? Check out this trailer for a new movie.

Online retail and auction websites run by Alibaba Group companies are among the leaders in global Internet audience, according to comScore, an Internet research and marketing company.

For every breakout e-commerce success, there are hundreds–even thousands–of hopeful entrepreneurs whose vision never really took flight. What separates the stars from the also-rans?