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A college contest between the Washington Huskies and Texas Longhorns, set for Nov. 14 in Shanghai, will make the Pac-12 Conference the first U.S. sports league to host a regular-season game in the PRC.

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Alibaba says online purchases from rural residents grew 18% faster than that of city residents last year, and rural shoppers are also catching up in adopting new technology such as mobile shopping.

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In China, online shopping is sapping strength from department stores and other multi-brand retailers as consumers increasingly show a preference for purchasing from flagship sites of favored brands.

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An American living in Shanghai sums up the differences between Western and Chinese consumers--and why the latter have adopted online shopping as part of their daily lives.

In the past year Alibaba has taken big steps in its strategy to dominate China’s mobile-commerce era.

Through a partnership with e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, the Pac-12 Conference will become the first U.S. sports league, collegiate or professional, to host a regular-season contest on the mainland.

In a bid to increase its China presence, the U.S. Web retailer will sell imported goods to Chinese consumers via a virtual storefront on Alibaba Group’s giant online marketplace.

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Smartphone maker Xiaomi and home appliance manufacturer Haier are emerging as the early winners in this year’s online shopathon as the spending power of the Chinese consumer goes on display.

On the eve of Alibaba Group's 2014 11.11 Shopping Festival, which kicks off in China tonight at midnight, Alizila gathered eleven striking and unusual bits of information surrounding the event, whi

Watch this to see why the app that lets Chinese consumers shop for goods and services on giant Taobao Marketplace is the PRC's most popular mobile commerce app.