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If you're importing inventory from overseas, you want the production and delivery of your goods to be conducted with military precision. That's where factory and product inspections come in. Read on to learn more about the options buyers have to keep tabs on faraway suppliers.

Boomers in the U.S. face tough challenges in retirement nowadays.

TJ Scimone of Slice, a U.S. maker of innovative cutting tools, explains how he uses AliProtect,'s online tool for reporting intellectual property infringment, to keep copycats at bay.

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Outsourcing product manufacturing isn’t just for major companies. Here's how small businesses can achieve high quality and low costs by finding the right supplier.

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International B2B website recently asked an experienced China sourcing agent to outline some of the fundamental practices that can ease the way for small businesses looking to purchase products from Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. Read on to discover how to reach that elusive equilibrium called "doing a deal."

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In case you have been living in a bunker and haven't heard, December 21, 2012, marks the end of the 5,125-year old Mayan calendar, and perhaps the world. has distilled all your survival needs into a handy infographic.

In a video series called "Business to Business," interviewed Chinese suppliers to find out how they trade globally. Watch this video to hear what they have to say about handling the tricky business of international payments

Esperanto never really caught on as a universal global language. But in the world of international trade, where language barriers and misunderstandings cost time and money, there is a kind of lingua franca.

To promote the power of small businesses, recently produced a commercial that ran in New York's Times Square. Check out this vid of the crowd reaction.

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Phishing scams are rampant on the Internet. Here's how to avoid getting hooked.